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recent works & clips

JWA - Life of a JWA Player

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Role: Attenborough Knock Off / VO

JWA - Day in the Life

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Role: Main Guy

JWA - Guess Who's Home

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Role: Main Guy

David Lynch Coffee Review

My Role: Main Guy

GG - Totally Awesome Ad

My Role: Voice Over

From a program called Shakespeare For All at SF Shakes. We'd go into small communities and gather local folks, most of them non or first time actors, to join us in putting on a Shakespeare play in two weeks. I helped co-direct and acted in the final performances, in this case as Oberon from A Midsummer Night's Dream. 

acting reel

Actig Reel




Sean Mirkovich-Acting Resume_11-14-2.jpg

production photos

Production Photos
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